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The motives are based on considerations of our European culture and the objects left behind by the man-made consumer culture.  play a big role in my pictures, because it fascinates and at the same time frightens as it reminds us of the passage of time, its repetitions and ending.

Combining photos in multiple layers and focusing on the interaction between light and dark achieves a new and different reality. It is painting with reality instead of just showing it. The photograph can easily tell adventures, visions and feelings, even though the basic elements derive from everyday life and that which is close to us, which we often forget to keep an eye on.

The reality of photography is abolished and new angles of existence or new moods can be seen and a more nuanced view of existence may appear - depending on the viewer's own background, relationships and thoughts. Many of my motives are constantly repeating new compositions - just as the same phrase is repeated in the various instrumental groups of classical music.


The art reflects a glimpse of reality and illustrates what the eye sees and the soul feels. Realism is abolished and an image language is created, where fiction forms a new whole.

The driving force of the exhibition's images is an interest in and fascination of historical sites. The past is being reconstructed and carry traces to the present and may eventually point towards the future. The artworks contain both a picture of something and a picture on something. I show a personal and imaginary experience of the past and the future.

The pictures show a staged reality with a background of surviving, decayed buildings and memorials. Here, the credible representation is revoked and the true value of the image is changed. History speaks to our present.


Abandoned is a documentary photo story of places we have found. For more than 10 years, we have traveled in 30 countries and photographed several thousand places. Houses, churches, factories, laboratories, etc. where everything is left behind, abandoned as if time has ceased.

We experience the places as tacit monuments that tell a lot about our world. A world that praises prosperity and the superficial, and where we turn the blind eye to what does not work in the holy name of development. An age where that, which cannot be use be used, is allowed to wither away.

These abandoned places, found in all cities, in all countries and in all neighborhoods, and which most people pass by without relate to what kind of place it is. We have taken a step behind the facade to give an insight into what's in there.

What started out as a childhood fascination has over the years become an insatiable passion that takes us to the corners of the world and gives us an insight into how life was lived - and an understanding that the decay is an inevitable part of the world we live in .

Jan Elhøj, 45 years old, father of 2. Photographer, and radio and television host. Morten Kirckhoff, married, 46 years old, father of 3. Creative Director, photographer and member of the Adventurers’ Club. Together they have released ABANDONED / Abandoned Places Vol. 1, 2 and 3. - as well as the TV series All abandoned.