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Mette says about her jars:

“The world is faltering, the earth is cracking and animals and plants disappear into the depths. Doomsday call? - No - commonplace. Every day some species are becoming extinct under the human animal’s momentum.

My jars are a series of ceramic portraits of animals, all well known in our world and all are strongly endangered; tiger, snow leopard, elephant and many more. By putting them in focus I wish to contribute to give the highest possible attention to their natural habitats, so their wild lives can be preserved on our earth. It will be immensely poor and sad without them.”

Janna says about her weaving:

“The loom is a daily rhythm in my life, as day follows night. It is my point of reference, my life anchor, where I weave many thoughts. The slowness of the loom connects me with myself and my world of motifs are patterns, colours, rhythms, daily life, the spiritual and inspirations from nature.”

Mette Bruhn og Janna Lund

keramikkrukker og gobeliner