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26.1.- 24.2.


Marietta Bonnet


“When I was a small child traveling for the first time with my parents from Germany to Italy, I followed with big eyes the scenery when the train entered Genova, passing courtyards with bird cages, flowers and laundry hanging from the balconies. It was there and then I was struck by wanderlust, and it has never left me since.”

The exhibitions spans across more than 20 years

of travels and painting – the oldest pictures are from the Eolian Islands in 1994, the latest from Madeira in November 2017. 

Within this time span, there have been trips to Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea and the Philippines, Vancouver, ille de la Reunion in the Indian Ocean, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Norway and again and again – Italy.

A few paintings from the artist’s home country Germany have been included.

The materials I use are dry pastels and oil pastel crayons, not to forget paper in all shades and qualities. I find it or order it from Italy, China and Korea, or even from Africa, through my friend the Danish paper artist Annette Lind.