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Marietta Bonnet

The banks of the Nile - the coast of Sicily


Marietta says:

’Traveling is living’, H. Chr. Andersen wrote back in 1855, and this has not become less of a truth over the last 160 years.

Ever since I first travelled abroad as a child, I have been enchanted by magic land- and cityscapes, and gliding in a boat along the shores of the Nile was one of the most magic experiences ever. What a great chance to catch villagers, fields, mountains, bridges, mosques and animals in quick sketches, either in the hot afternoon sun or soft evening light.

2018 has taken me to the ancient cultural sites of Egypt and to Sicily with its magnificent Greek temples, harmonic baroque towns, saline fields in the Western shores and beautiful harbor cities. 2019 gave me a chance to venture into sketching gypsy and other jazz concerts during the Oslo Django festival and Copenhagen Winter Jazz festival.

Felucca on the Nile, Egypt 2018. Pastel on handmade paper.

Evening light over the harbour, Sciacca, Sicily 2018. Pastel on Asian paper.

Saline di Trapani, Sicily 2018. Pastel on handmade paper.

Nitcho Reinhardt trio, Cosmopolite, Oslo 2019

Oil crayon on Korean paper.

Aurelio Reposo quartet, Tranquebar, Cph 2019

Oil crayon on Korean paper.